Our talented instructors

We are privileged to draw on the many years of experience and expertise of our instructors. They volunteer many hours during the week and weekends to teach our students. They are well qualified to coach our students in all aspects of judo.

Eric Lindsay

Sensei | Director

Provincial Kata Gold (2009)

Nidan (July 2005)

NCCP Level 1 (Feb 2003)

Angelique Plata-Harris

Sensei | Director

Fran McTodden Award


NCCP Level 2

Michael Walsh

Sensei | Director

6x Ontario Open Champion

4x Jr Canadian Champ

3x AM-Can Champion

Shodan (December 1994)

NCCP Level 2

Andy Shimabukaro

Sensei | High Performance Coach

Shodan (July 2005)

Paul Shearhart

Sensei | Competitor

Shodan (April 2006)

Alex Forostyanko

Sensei | Competitor

Shodan (2005)

Join our team.

We welcome new and seasoned judoka who are looking to start or continue their judo careers. We offer competitive streams and all of our members are registered with Judo Ontario and Judo Canada. This gives all of our athletes the opportunity to compete at regional, provincial, and international tournaments. For more information, visit the links below.